Three 13

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by Gabriel J.M.

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Liam finds his fate in something supernatural he hasn't seen yet. He lives alone, peacefully in a house he inherited from his Grandpa Paul. Something is happening in his home...something that changes his thoughts, his actions, his very existence.

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A lonely mother of two children gets caught up with a curse—three 13. Without interference or obligations, Kelly, the mother of two children, is enveloped into evil’s design, facing a life with a sense of powerlessness and apparent loss of autonomy to her outside forces. She is obliged to take on evil's claim until she no longer sees with her soul's eyes as she is slowly stepping away from her reality and her children. She enters a world of the unknown, where all ends collide, and she will have to reflect before it is too late. Will she be able to undo this malignant curse before evil collects where it could hurt her the most?—her children?


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At the Edge of the Lighthouse

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Eddie Esten rents a camping house online. He invites his friends Liana Ives and Gus Garcia for a fun Spring Break getaway. He and his friends stumble upon relics buried on the property grounds. As they dig them out, they unleash a horrendous intolerable evil. Together they must fight for their lives or become part of the Three 13 curse. 

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